5 habits to start minimalism

5 Habits I Changed to Become More Minimal

I changed 5 habits to become more minimal.  Changing your habits will make living with less easier.

Living with less is easy if you just decluttered your entire home.  Now continuing to live with less and keeping your home clutter free isn’t as easy.  I realized early on in my decluttering process that I was going to have to change some habits.  I needed new habits, that didn’t involve shopping or wanting to shop, to replace my old habits.

Avoid Ads

No more TV for me! Before we cut the cable connection I never realized how many advertisements are on a typical show.  I know I wasn’t that swayed by the ads, but my kids sure were.  Now that my kids don’t see the ads for new toys they are never asking for anything.  It really stands out to me when I go to someone’s house with regular cable.  My children will start asking for toys they didn’t know existed before.  This really illustrates how powerful ads are and how they influence our spending habits.  It is shocking how many ads we are seeing in 30 minutes of watching TV.  “An average American TV show is 22 minutes long which allows for 8 minutes of commercials per half hour or 16 minutes of commercials per hour.” Peter Kai

I was so worried when we first got rid of cable that I was going to be so bored and have nothing to do, but it turns out I was able to fill the time easily.

Avoid Magazines

I personally stopped looking through magazines.  I never had a subscription, but I would look at them when I came across one.  Most magazines are 50% ads and the fashion magazines have an even larger percentage of ads.  Even if you don’t buy exactly what you see in these magazines just the photos alone will probably make you feel like getting new clothes or a new car.

Stop Shopping

When we started decluttering I decided to stop shopping altogether.  I only bought something if I really needed it! What I found was really surprising. It was really difficult to stop shopping because that was what I was use to.  I had to reprogram my brain.  Shopping was always a treat for me.  It was my escape from reality.  Just the act of going out and looking through the stores was nice.  Even if I didn’t buy anything, I was treating myself by shopping.  Fact is by avoiding stores you are less likely to buy something.

Be Aware of What You Have

When I do have to buy something I like to be aware of what I already own.  If I am shopping for clothes I will take a photo of the clothes I already have, this way I am reminded of what is in my closet.  I like to shop my home first.  Going through your home to see what you might be able to use or repurpose can cut down on buying new items.  Just because we are minimalist does not mean that we don’t shop.  We still have to buy things.  I just like to be aware of the items I am bringing into my home.

habits to become minimalist

Avoid Too Much Social Media

I love social media, but there is a point when it becomes too much.  Have you ever found yourself scrolling on Instagram and you don’t even know what you are looking at?  It reminds me of when I was a kid flipping the channels on the TV.  The SCROLL HOLE, mindlessly scrolling.  This happens all of the time.  I realized I would start to want things that I would see on Instagram, things that I didn’t need.  Now I limit how many times a day I use social media and I try to only check certain accounts that I love.

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Find Something New To Enjoy

Before decluttering and finding “less” my typical day ended by sitting on the couch and watching TV.  Usually I would be scrolling through Instagram and having desert.  There is nothing wrong with this, but after I started reading more about minimalism and intentional living I started to wonder if my time could be better spent.

For years I have thought about what I would do when my kids go back to school.  That is when I realized my time spent in front of the TV could probably be used in a more productive way.

It is important to find something you enjoy to take up your new found time.  If you don’t find something new you are more likely to fall back into the old habits (AKA shopping).  There are so many things to do; read more, work out, make healthy food, organize your home, go for a walk, get an extra job, learn a new skill, plan a vacation, go on a vacation, start a youtube channel.  The possibilities are endless!  I personally redid this blog, started a YouTube channel, joined the gym, started reading again, organized my home, and started working on my art.

These are the habits I changed that have really made an impact on my life.  Change can be hard, but I have found even the tiniest change can snowball into huge changes.  I started really slow, decluttering a few things.  Start with the easiest change you can think of and go from there.

I hope some of these tips are helpful.  Thank you for reading.

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5 habits that make becoming minimalist easy

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