• What Are Fun Dates?

    One word, bowling!  We never go on dates because we are married and have 2 kids and I always feel like it’s a waste of money.  Turns out there is a lot to be said about going on a date, especially if you are married. Grant and I were lucky enough to have a free babysitter (Grandma) so we decided to go out and have some fun.  The first thought that came to mind was, “what are we going to do that will be fun?”  Whenever we go out to eat we are done in an hour and back home by 8pm!  So we decided to check out bowling.   Bowling…

  • Date Night at the Irvine Spectrum

    Last Saturday we were super thankful that my mom was willing to watch our kids so we could have a night out.  We don’t go out much just the 2 of us, but when we do we always have so much fun. We were laughing so hard when we saw a cat on a leash.  It brought back a memory for me when I was a teenager on a trip to Paris and this street person had a cat and dog laying in a bed cuddling together dressed like babies.  That image has stuck in my head forever because it was so weird to me. People were crowding around this…

  • Date Night

    Friday night Grant and I went out to dinner to BJ’s restaurant.  We were planning to go to Famous Dave’s but when we got there it was an hour wait and there was no room to get a drink at the bar so, we headed next door where we were able to get 2 seats at the bar no problem. It is almost impossible to get a good family photo.  Someone is either not smiling or looking blurry.  Here are the only few that turned out ok.  And a huge huge THANK YOU  to my mom who baby sat Emmett.

  • Third Anniversary

    Today is our third anniversary.  We are going out to dinner to celebrate.  We are really laid back when it comes to holidays and birthdays and anniversaries, we don’t really give gifts (maybe something small) or do anything spectacular.  We just spend time doing something fun together. Here is the post on our wedding back in 2011. Here is our first anniversary. Here is our second anniversary, I was 5 months pregnant!