Eco Friendly Kitchen

I have a vision of a beautiful toxic free and eco friendly kitchen.  Recently I have read some articles on how bad plastic is for us to eat hot food off of.  When the plastic gets heated up is when the chemicals get released into our food.  We have been eating off of plastic plates and even microwaving them to heat up our food!  I have also just realized how bad it is to be cooking on teflon pans especially if they are scratched like ours are!

I don’t really understand why companies would be allowed to sell products that are unsafe, but this has made me realize we have to watch out for ourselves.

So recently I have thrown out all of our scratched up teflon pans and plastic plates.  I have gone to stainless steal and wood utensils for stirring the food and Green Pans for cooking in.  

In an attempt to be less wasteful I have made my own beeswax wraps so we don’t have to use plastic wrap anymore and reusable produce bags so we don’t have to use the plastic ones at the store.  These 2 changes have really helped reduce the amount of plastic we were using.

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With all of these small changes I feel we are on the right path to having a non toxic eco friendly kitchen!  Let me know in the comments what you use to make your house more eco friendly and toxic free.

Eco Friendly Kitchen - Toxic Free

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