How To Create a Minimalist Hygge Christmas

Minimalism and hygge work really well together!  Don’t worry if you are a minimalist you can still have hygge in your life.

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word for the feeling of being cozy, content, and enjoying the small things in life.  There isn’t an exact definition because its a feeling you get.  When I first started looking up minimalism I kept coming across the word Hygge.  I love the idea of Hygge and I feel winter is the best time to add more Hygge into my home.

The thing is we are trying to become more minimal.  We have been decluttering our home for a year straight so I don’t want to bring a bunch of new “cozy” items in.  Here are a few ways to add some Hygge into your home without having to buy a bunch of things that you have to store all year long.  I bet you already have most of these items in your home.  We are already enjoying the small things in life, but when decorating for the holidays I have focused on trying to make my home more Hygge this winter.

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Hygge Tip 1. Candles and Twinkle Lights

I have wrapped twinkle lights around every items in my home.  Just kidding!  But I did add some twinkle lights into my fireplace (since we don’t light a fire) and I added some lights to a few of my indoor pants.  At night when the lights are off it feels nice and cozy with the low lighting.

I also got out my candles, and I lit them!  How often do you light candles? I have had so many candles throughout the years, but I never light them.  Candle light adds such a nice glow to the home when it is cold and dreary outside.  Lighting is everything and it can really set the mood.  I make sure I dim the overhead lights or turn them off altogether.


Hygge Tip #2 – Bring Nature Inside

We have a fake Christmas tree, honestly its cheaper, and it makes life easier! The only thing missing is the nice smell of fresh pine.  This problem was solved by getting a wreath and some pine branches.  Trader Joe’s has a great deal on real wreaths, but I have heard that some tree lots give the broken branches away for free.  I hung my wreath on the wall and I put the branches in my vintage pitcher.  I love decorating with plants and flowers!  Its such a great way to bring color and life into your home without having to buy and store a lot of “decor” items.


Hygge Tip #3 -Create Cozy Spaces

We are creating a lot of cozy spaces!  I have added some extra pillows and blankets to my couch and chairs and we always have lots of books ready to read.  It feels great to snuggle up and read a book or watch a good movie.  Right now my boys are watching the nutcracker on repeat!

Grab your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and snuggle up to relax and enjoy the slow life.  Don’t forget your warm sweater and slippers!

Hygge Tip #4 – Baking & Crafts

Who loves baking cookies? Well I know you probably enjoy eating cookies!  Baking cookies or bread makes the whole house smell delicious.  If you aren’t into baking, just light a yummy smelling candle.  When your home smells delicious you’ll want to stick around and enjoy the indoors.
My kids love doing crafts on cold rainy days.  Pull out the markers and crayons and get crafty!  Its not really about the end product, but more about spending time together.

Hygge Tip #5 – Cozy Up

Cuddle up and make time for yourself!  You deserve it! I like to find a really good book to read or show to watch.  I try not to scroll through my phone because that is not relaxing to me.  Make your favorite drink.  I like tea or coffee, my husband prefers beer.  To each his own.

My kids love when I read to them.  We get a huge stack of books and make our way through till they can’t sit still anymore.  For me its all about spending relaxed quiet time by myself or with the ones I love.


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How are you making your home cozy this year?



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