How To Declutter Christmas Decorations – 5 TIPS

During the last 2 years of decluttering my Christmas decorations I have picked up some simple tips.  Anyone can simplify their stuff it just takes some time and effort.  Today I am sharing how to declutter Christmas decorations – 5 tips that work!

When I was younger I kept everything!  I would keep little scrapes of paper and tickets.  Keeping every card that was ever given to me!  I totally understand how Christmas decorations can be sentimental, but I also don’t want to store 5 bins of decor that I only use once a year.

Here are five simple ways to cut down on your Christmas decor before it takes over your entire storage area.


I like to ask myself a simple question.  Did I use this “decor item” last year?  If the answer is no then I ask, “will I use it this year?”  If the answer is no again, I donate the item.  I know if I don’t use something two years in a row I am probably never going to use it again.  If this is a sentimental item I might take a picture of it or I might see if a relative wants it.  When cleaning things out I try to remember that the item doesn’t do anyone any good sitting in a box rotting away.


This year I set a goal to get all of my Christmas decor into one large bin.  Last year I had 3 bins!  This year I had 2 large bins and I knew there were things I didn’t want to use.  By deciding on my end game I knew anything that didn’t fit into that bin was going.  When packing away my decorations I started with the items I knew I wanted to keep for sure.  As the bin was filling up I started to set aside anything that had no meaning or I felt served no purpose.  Surprising myself I was able to get everything into one large bin.  The lid barely fit on, but that is besides the point.


Picking a decorating theme this year really helped me downsize.  I decided anything super bright and flashy was going to be donated.  Anything worn out or broken was also going.  In the past I might have glued an ornament back together, but not this year.  When I unpacked my decorations this year I knew anything faded was going.  When I saw the old Christmas towels come out, it was an easy decision.  Plus I already have enough kitchen towels I don’t need Christmas ones for once a year.


When I am contemplating on donating an item, I pretty much know it can go.  The thing is, if you wanted to keep it you would never question getting rid of it in the first place.  Thinking about the future always helps when cleaning things out.  I think about how easy it will be to unpack these decorations next year.  Think about how much fun it will be to decorate because I am keeping everything I love.  If I were to move in the future it will be so easy to grab this one box knowing everything I want is in here.

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Decluttering makes space.  I have always been very organized, but it wasn’t until I started decluttering that I found space.  There is something really important about space.  Imagine a shelf covered with dodads and trinkets and somewhere on that shelf is a really beautiful vase.  You probably don’t even notice it!  Now imagine a clean shelf with one or two things and a beautiful vase.  The vase is going to stand out!  This is how I feel about decorating with space in mind.  I like to have some space between objects.  This space makes my whole house feel light a fresh.

I also think of the space I am gaining by decluttering the decor I am not using.  Now I have more room in my garage.  I am not going to use this new “room” to fill with more stuff.  I will use this new found space as breathing room for the things I am keeping.  It will be much easier to get my decorations out next year.  We won’t have to move 5 bins to get out the 5 bins that were blocking the other 5 bins.  You get my point =)

I hope these tips have been helpful in your Christmas decluttering.  You will thank me next year when it takes you 5 minutes to put everything away.

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