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How to Organize Photos and Videos for YouTube

When I started my YouTube channel I realized I had to find a way to organize my photos and video.  I was taking so many videos and photos my computer was becoming overwhelmed.  Dumping everything into a folder was so easy, until I was trying to look for a certain video clip a month later.  This is when it dawned on me that I had to get organized.

Make sure you store everything on a back up drive.  I choose to work off my back up drive.  I don’t store anything on my computer.  When I did store things on my computer it became so slow I couldn’t even make a movie!  My back up drive doesn’t back things up on its own.  Instead I decide when and how to store my items on my drive.  I download all of my content straight to my back up drive.

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I set up a folder for the year called 2019.  In my 2019 folder I have a “Months of the year 2019” folder.  That folder contains a folder for each month, named the month and year, so “January 2019” for example.  Within that folder each project has a folder with the name of the project.  As a side note, I suggest using the name of the project or some descriptive words for the name, at one point I used dates and that got really confusing.


  • Main Folder = 2019
    • Months of the Year 2019
      • 01.January2019
        • Ski Trip
        • Edited Photos January 2019
      • 02.February2019
        • How to do hair
        • Edited Photos February 2019

Edited Photos Folder

In each month I make an edited photos folder.  This folder is where I put every photo that I have edited.  Months later when you are looking for a photo from the past you will be happy you stored them all together in one place.  If you have a lot of edited photos you might want to break them into individual folders.  I don’t have that many edited photos each month so I put them all together.

Completed Movies Folder

I like to make a special folder to store all of my completed movies.  Within that folder I have a folder for each month of movies.  I upload 2 videos a week, so that is 8 or more videos a month.  It is so much easier to find these videos if they are categorized by month in the completed movies folder.
Always save your completed projects, even if you have uploaded them.  You never know if something could happen to your YouTube account or any social media outlet.  Another good reason to save your completed projects is you might want to use them in different places or make a compilation project down the road.

This is how I have been able to stay organized.  I hope this was helpful!




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