Minimalist Family Fall Day in the Life

Minimalist Family Life – Fall Day In The Life

Today I am sharing our minimalist family life – Fall day in the life.  Our days tend to vary, but today I did some minimalist type activities.  For instance some decluttering and organizing!

Morning Routine

Our morning routine is a variation of the same scene everyday.  We wake up early, have breakfast, get ready for school, clean up, and leave.  Today both of my boys were in school until 11am.  I used this alone time to organize my three hall closets.  Read the full post on how to organize in a time crunch here.  I like to work on difficult projects when I have some quiet time.

After I finished organizing everything I still had a large pile of tools that needed to be decluttered and relocated.  Decluttering is an ongoing process, if you are in the middle of decluttering hang in there because it does get easier. 

Closet Before and After Organizing

Fall Updates

One of the updates we had to make on our house is a new roof.  We spent the evening prepping our front yard and backyard for the roofers.  The prep is simple, just remove everything surrounding the house.

Minimalist Conversation

I consider us minimalist and we have done a lot of decluttering.  Minimalism is a state of mind in a lot of ways.  Some people may think we aren’t that minimal, but I only keep the things we use all the time and declutter the rest.  The interesting thing is when we moved to this new house we had to start from scratch.  For instance nothing had a home yet.  All of our items were in boxes waiting to be assigned a special spot.  What I didn’t anticipate is how long this process takes.  We had lived in our last home for five years, no wonder everything had a place!  We had five years to set everything in stone.  At this point we have been in this new place about four months and I am still adjusting and organizing.

Just sharing that it takes TIME!  Decluttering is a process and so is minimalism.  It is evolving with our lives.

Watch Minimalist Family Life – Fall Day In The Life

I hope you have an amazing day!

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Minimalist Family Day in the Life

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