4th of July 2015

For the 4th of July we went up to my parent’s house and had a really fun weekend.
We started with the local parade.  Emmett was super tired because he decided to choose this weekend to cry and not sleep or eat!  The night before the parade he was up till 10 pm screaming and woke up that morning at 5am screaming.  So there you go!  Some things are just not in your control lol.
We went to the parade and he fell asleep just before it started, but as soon as he heard all the excitement he was up and clapping.  There was one moment when he got so excited he stood in his stroller clapping and screaming yay! He looked like he would burst with excitement which made it worth the whole endeavor.
After the parade we had lunch, then went swimming and then dinner and back out to watch the fireworks.

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