Have you ever thought of a project that you want to do for a long time?  Then suddenly one day you just decide I have to do this.  Well our upstairs bathroom is a disaster area.   From afar you might think its not that bad but when you look up close its definately not good!  The bathroom was originally painted with oil paint.  The last people who lived here painted over that with normal paint and of course that did not adhere right so it was pealing.  The other day when I was in there I pulled on the paint and it came off in a giant sheet!  So I started pealing…
Turns out we will have to peal all of that paint off and treat the walls and then primer and then paint again.  One thing leads to another because to properly remove the paint we have to remove the toilet and once we do that we might as well get a new one.  And we don’t have a big budget to get all of this done!  Here is what it looks like so far lol…

The plan is to paint it a bright white color, get a new mirror that has a nice white frame. We will stain the cupboard a grey color.  Sadly the top has to stay cause we don’t have the funds.  We will replace the toilet and the floor with some tile.  I also plan to get a tall storage cabinet from ikea for the corner.
We will see how long this takes.

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