August Blog Traffic and Income Report

Blog Traffic and Income Report


It is time for my August blog traffic and income report. 

September 2019 when this was written.

Back in June, I wrote my first ever blog traffic and income report.  The main reason I am doing an income report is to share my blogging journey and my goals.  I am also here to share my experience with trying to make money at blogging.

There are so many stories I have read about someone starting a blog and the next month they are making thousands. 

This has not been my experience so far, but I have proven that there is money to be made if you stick with it. 

(This post contains affiliate marketing)

Traffic Report

Because I had so many visitors to my blog this month I qualified for Mediavine ads.  This has been a goal of mine for the last 10 months. 

Ten months ago I took Lisa from the blog Farm House on Boone’s blogging course.

I have had my blog since 2008, but it wasn’t until I took the course that I decided I would try to make money at this.  I love her course and I highly recommend it (this is not sponsored).  It was nice to have a course that came from a mom who is making a full-time living from blogging about her farmhouse. 

All of my traffic comes from Pinterest, because of that I have to spend a lot of time pinning and making images.

  The Tailwind scheduler has been a massive help, but it wasn’t until I took Carly’s Pinterest course and started religiously pinning a LOT of my own pins that I finally grew.

I was under the impression that I needed to just pin a lot of stuff, but the key is pinning a lot of your own posts over and over.  Make 3 to 5 images for every post.  I make all of my images in Canva. 

The Tailwind tribes are a huge help, but again the Pinterest group boards are just as important if not more.  Please take it from me, get onto as many group boards as you can.  Ask every group board that applies to your niche.

The worst thing that will happen is your request will be ignored.  I also made my own group boards and invited as many people as possible.  If you can’t join them, make them! 


Pinterest and Tailwind

Tailwind has become a game-changer for my Pinterest account.  This is a scheduler so you don’t have to worry about pinning images every day at the right time.  All you have to do is pin the images you would normally pin, but put them on Tailwind instead. 

This way the images are put up onto Pinterest at exactly the right time.  The Tailwind tribes are just like group boards on Pinterest. 

The tribes allow you to pin into their tribe and then other tribe mates pin your pins.  This is just another great way to get your blog post shared more often and to more people.  If you are interested in Tailwind click here for a free month.



About a month ago I switched hosting from Godaddy (possibly the worst hosting ever as far as customer service and speed is concerned) to BigScoots!  Switching to BigScoots was possibly the easiest thing I have ever done.  I contacted them through the chat option and they did all of the work for me.  The whole domain switch took less than 8 hours. 

BigScoots also offered to analyze my blog to make sure it was going as fast as possible.

The most interesting thing of all is I started to get a lot more traffic and my site speed got better immediately!  I wish I had started with them!  Since, as I mentioned traffic = views, it is super important to have a fast site that google likes.  Click here to find out all the hosting options that BigScoots offers.


Income Report

  • YouTube Ad Sense $450
  • Amazon Affiliate Links $18
  • Grove Collaborative Credit $10

Blog Goal for September

When you have a goal the most important thing is to write it down and share it!  Back in May, I said I wanted a home with a yard on my Instagram and in July we moved into a home with a yard.  I 100% believe that when I said those words out loud to the world it set the wheels in motion.

So here I am sharing my goals.  This month I would like to double my traffic to my site.  I have been using Pinterest and Tailwind to get most of my traffic, but this month I am going to start working on SEO.  Everything I read is telling me SEO is the way to go.

Blogging Growth Plan

Nothing changes without a plan!

  • Work on SEO – Learn Everything!
  • Double my views
  • My master plan is to write as many “awesome” posts as possible.  The more posts you have the more you can share!
  • Consistency is KEY!  I will write 2 or more posts per week to build my blog readership.
  • Make 5 Pinterest Pins per post.
  • Pin all day long LOL
  • Have a YouTube video with most of my posts
  • Share My Posts on Social Media
  • Keep learning

How I Intend To Make Money

  • Use Affiliate Links (when possible)
  • Mediavine ads
  • Sell My Art Through Etsy or this blog
  • Sponsored Posts
  • YouTube Ads

I will share more blog traffic and income report information as my blogging journey unfolds.  Hopefully, I will have more of an income report to share next month!


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PIN August Blog Traffic and Income Report

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2 thoughts on “August Blog Traffic and Income Report”

  1. My site is not up and running yet…this whole website thing is confusing!! I am learning alot from other bloggers who will share about their experiences. I really enjoy your website and your you tube channel, I follow both and have learned so much from them.
    I do have a couple of questions: first, can you link to any blog/website in a post on your own website or do you need permission first? If you need permission, can I link to your goal setting post on my website?
    Second, what is SEO? you mention this a couple of times and I am not sure what that is…
    Keep up the great work, Love your posts and videos!!

    1. SHANNON

      I took a course that really helped from the blogger Farmhouseonboone. Her course walked me through each step on how to actually get people to my blog.

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