Calvin 11 Months

Calvin is 11 months old!  I say it every time, but how is this possible?  He is walking and he is talking.  He has really good balance, he will stand up on his own and take a few steps then he will squat back down pick something up and stand back up and continue walking.  Within the last week he went from taking a few steps to fulling walking from one thing to the next.
He is talking!  When he is done eating we always say all done and about a week ago he said all done.  It sounded like ahhh doooon but I knew that was what he was saying.  He also says mama, dada, bye bye, hi, and no no (shaking his head).
Overall he is a very happy baby who loves to laugh and loves to explore down on the ground.  He doesn’t like to be told no and he doesn’t want to be held.  He wants to be FREE!
You have to watch him around books because he will eat them.  My mom was driving the boys the other day and I guess Emmett handed Calvin a book in the back seat and when they got there he was covered in wet shredded paper.  Having 2 kids is definitely more challenging than one because the older one can open gates and has small toys and they don’t really understand that babies can’t do what they do. 

Now that Calvin is mobile and understands so much more the two of them are able to play once in a while.

Calvin is into climbing!  It can get a little scary at times LOL.

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