Calvin Turned Two

Calvin officially turned two years old.  How can my baby be two?  It is really hard to believe that we don’t have a baby anymore, he is now a big boy.  He sleeps in a big boy bed and he wants to do what all the big kids are doing.  Sometimes I wish time could stand still so I could have more from each year.  More of Calvin as a one year old!

Time is weird

When I look back at the last two years I think, wow that went really fast, but for some reason each individual day seems to go slow.  I am not sure how this is possible, but watching kids get older and go from one stage to another really illustrates time and how quickly we change.

Calvin is my little helper.  He loves to help with all the chores and he wants to be included in everything.  This can be tricky when your 4 year old brother wants you to leave him alone and keep all the toys for himself!  These boys are my whole life.  Everything I do is for them and having them was for me.  We all win in the end!

We celebrated his birthday with some family and friends at a local park.  It was fun to get everyone together to celebrate this boy!

Surprisingly he doesn’t like sweets.  He took one bite of his birthday cupcake and that was it.  Most of the day was spent running around and going in the water.

 Throwing parties tends to stress me out so I was super thankful that Grandma stepped in to help organize the food and we kept the party really small and super simple.  Nothing is easier than showing up at a park with some blankets and food and letting the playground be the entertainment.

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