Work Clothes WIWW

 Here is what I wore this week so far =)      On my drive home from work, there are palm trees everywhere, they are so cool!      


What I Wore Wednesday! So I have been taking a picture of most of the outfits that I have been wearing to work and it has helped me to branch out and start wearing some of the clothes I have, but never ever try out.           The shirt above was my …

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Outfits in NY

The fun thing about traveling is the fact that I finally get to dress up and also dress for the cold.  In So Cal it is rarely cold enough to wear coats and gloves. Outfits in NY     I brought every warm thing I own lol!

What I Wore Wednesday

It is finally starting to really feel like Fall here in sunny southern California. We have even had our heater on for the last few days!   When I moved back to Ca from New Zealand I had to give away most of my clothes because sadly they would just not fit in the luggage, …

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What I wore Wednesday A casual look for a day of packing and painting. Today we did a trial run of packing to see if everything is going to fit in the luggage. I think it will all fit…Yay   I finally finished the car painting for Bonneville.    Now I am going to start a few …

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Totally Tuesday!

Totally Tuesday I have decided that Tuesday is the worst day of the week and below are my reasons. It is the second day of the week so its not like you are starting new There are still 3 days left till the weekend and For some reason, everything seems to drag along on Tuesdays …

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30 For 30 Remix

PICTURE OF THE DAY So today was a beautiful crystal clear day and it was also back to work after a 4 day weekend.  Most people only got a 3 day, but I don’t work Fridays whoop whoop!  It is always hard to wake up after a bunch of days off, but I did it …

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Outfits of the Week

PICTURE OF THE DAY I thought I would start with the picture of the day.  This is Grant’s Mexican outfit that mainly comes out during parties and when he is feeling a little crazy.  When Grant visited CA for the first time he fell in love with everything Mexican, the food, culture, colors, and language …

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