Emmett’s 2nd Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Emmett’s 2nd birthday with a family party.  All my cousins came and their kids and the grandparents were all there.  Turned out to be a big crowd.  We did a Mickey Mouse theme, we had sandwiches and cake, and of course some games. We started the morning with special birthday pancakes. …

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Salt Dough Ornament

The day before Christmas Eve we were stuck in the house doing nothing so I decided it would be a good time to make some fun ornaments with Emmett.  I looked up how to make your own dough.  There are tons of recipes for salt dough that you cook and it hardens and can be painted.  …

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Emmett 14 Months

I haven’t done an Emmett update in a while and I love to look back and see what he was doing as time goes on.  Emmett is now 14 and a half months old.  He is a busy busy kid, but also content to play on his own. Favorite Toys Play kitchen  Play guitar Little …

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Emmett’s First Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Emmett’s first birthday!  We had a small car themed party at our house. Everyone had a great time.  For lunch we had bbq chicken sandwiches and cupcakes for desert. Emmett did a great job of staying awake but finally after opening the gifts he just couldn’t do it anymore. We did the …

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Emmett is Walking!

Emmett is officially walking at 10 months!  He will only walk if he knows its safe and he has his balance, he is a very cautious child so far.  He seems to always be looking around and taking everything in, somewhat serious.

Emmett Walking at 9 Months

Here is Emmett at 9 months walking.  He falls at the end but he didn’t get hurt, he didn’t even cry!

Nine Months Old

Emmett is 9 months old!  Wow time is going fast.  Emmett is not even a baby anymore he is now a little boy!  He is walking of course with assistance, he is always trying to get down and as soon as he is down he is trying to get up.  Over all he is a …

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Halloween Kids Party

 On Saturday we had a Halloween kids party.  We did lots of Halloween crafts and ate cake for my birthday. Halloween Kids Party     We made a tent (put a sheet over the play pen) and the kids really liked it!    We colored Halloween masks.      We ran around and played.  We …

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Emmett 8 Months

Emmett is 8 Months old!  Everyday he changes and grows and I love watching him learn new things. Here is a list of things about Emmett at 8 months: He can pull himself into a standing position from a sitting position.  This started about 3 days before he turned 8 months. He will get on …

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Emmett Photo Shoot

Our good friend who happens to be an excellent professional photographer Teresa, took some awesome photos of Emmett over the weekend. Here are just a few of the many excellent photos.  Photos by Teresa Long  I can’t wait to print some out for our house.  If we only had more walls!

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