9 minimalist hacks

Easy Minimalist Hacks to Try Now

We have been becoming minimalist for 5 years now.  From our journey, I have some easy minimalist hacks to share with you. Don’t worry I am not going to tell you to declutter.  Implement these simple changes today! Easy Minimalist Hacks to Try Now!   Write a List Instead of heading straight to the store …

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minimalist challenge

14 Day Minimalist Challenge

Let’s simplify our lives a little more with a 14-day minimalist challenge.  Here is a simple list of tasks for the next 14 days. Feel free to modify them as you see fit and make them work for you.  I am looking forward to getting a little more organized by the end of these 14 …

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minimalist myths

5 Minimalist Myths

  5 Minimalist Myths Along my minimalist journey, I have found 5 minimalist myths that people seem to believe.  I am sure there are a ton of misbeliefs when it comes to minimalism, but here are 5 that really stood out to me.   Perfect “Minimalist” Home Myth When researching minimalism you might find a …

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new year resolutions minimal family

Minimalist New Year Resolutions

Today I am sharing my simple living minimalist New Year resolutions / New Year goals with you. We are trying to live a simple more intentional life and by simplifying the “stuff” in our lives I am trying to embrace more experiences.  More travel and having more fun.  Simplifying my home has made me take …

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Minimalist youtube channels

Minimalist YouTube Channels

Minimalist YouTube channels are a great way to become inspired and see minimalism in action!   When simplifying my life, decluttering, and becoming more minimalist I needed inspiration.  Looking for tips and tricks on how other people had become minimal.  During all my investigating I have found some amazing minimalist YouTube channels. With minimalism, there …

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