minimalist day in the life

A Minimalist Day In The Life

Our lives changed when I decided to become minimalist.  Here is a look into a minimalist day in the life of a mom of two boys.   Minimalist Habits and Routines As I write this it is currently summer time and we are in the middle of a pandemic.  Even though everything is different because …

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Toys to Ditch With Minimalism

Toys To Ditch With Minimalism

Today I am sharing the toys to ditch with minimalism and what we ended up keeping.  There are six different types of toys that we ended up decluttering.  I believe less is more when it comes to toys!  This is what is working for our family and I hope it will inspire you to figure …

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soulful simplicity book

Soulful Simplicity Book Review

Today I am sharing the Soulful Simplicity book review.  Each month of the year I am picking a simple living themed book to read and review.  For the month of February I read Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver.  This book is extremely inspiring and up lifting.  Soulful Simplicity teaches us that simple living is more …

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What is Family Minimalism

What is Family Minimalism?

What is family minimalism for our family?   When I first found out about minimalism I didn’t see any minimalist families.  Most minimalists I saw were single or traveling couples.  While traveling sounds like a lot of fun, the thought of bringing two young kids along makes it a lot less minimalist. A few years …

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