Maui Trip Part 1

We just got back from our vacation in Maui.  We did so much that I think it will be easier to break the vacation up into different posts.  We left at the end of June and got back July 10th.  I had the best time and I am pretty sure everyone else did too. This …

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Balboa Island

Last week we went to Balboa Island and walked around.  It was such a fun day just getting out of the house and going for a walk.  Of course, when we got to the little town on the island we had to have ice cream.   The houses there are so cute I would love …

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New Years Eve 2015

On New Years Eve we drove up to Pismo Beach for a vacation.  We left early and drove to my parents house where we crammed everything into one car and took off.  We weren’t even on the road for 30 minutes when Emmett started saying “all done, go home to Grandma house.” This was our …

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We went to Oceanside to visit some friends on Saturday.  Emmett loved the water as usual.  He can’t be trusted around water because he thinks he can swim lol. We had an excellent time seeing everyone and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Oceanside Vacation

This last weekend we had a small vacation to Oceanside.  We were invited to our good friend’s baby shower.  She is due the beginning of December, and she is still so tiny you wouldn’t even think she is pregnant.  We decided to make this a weekend away since its so pretty there and the weather …

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Balboa Island

First off we will start with this face lol! This was a big week for Emmett, he rolled over and he laughed.  He is changing and growing everyday. On Tuesday we went to Balboa Island with Jo and Lacey. My mom took Hazel on the Ferris wheel and I don’t think she knew what she …

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New Zealand Botanical Gardens

New Zealand Botanical Gardens

I started my day out by heading to the New Zealand Botanical Gardens.  It was extremely cold, but the botanical gardens are still very pretty in winter. Auckland Botanic Gardens The Auckland Botanic Gardens are a great place to visit.  It is completely free to walk around the gardens and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Check …

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