Christmas Fjastad Olson Family Party 2014

Last Sunday we had our family Christmas Party.  This year everyone wore their crazy Christmas themed shirts and sweaters.  All the kids got gifts and we had dinner and desert as usual.
This was Emmett’s first Christmas party opening gifts and of course he was all out of sorts because he was teething really bad.  So most of the day he wandered around screaming.  That’s just part of being a baby I guess.







 Kids coloring table.



 Grandpa with all his kids.
Roy, Carl, Grandpa Roy, Kathy and Jay.


 My uncle brought some of the art my Grandma (who won’t talk to any of us) did years ago to show everyone and see if anyone wants it.
 Oh the joy of getting gifts.  I remember when we were all kids and every uncle and aunt would get us gifts, it was always so much fun.




It was a really fun party.

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