Date Night at the Irvine Spectrum

Last Saturday we were super thankful that my mom was willing to watch our kids so we could have a night out.  We don’t go out much just the 2 of us, but when we do we always have so much fun.

We were laughing so hard when we saw a cat on a leash.  It brought back a memory for me when I was a teenager on a trip to Paris and this street person had a cat and dog laying in a bed cuddling together dressed like babies.  That image has stuck in my head forever because it was so weird to me.
People were crowding around this cat on a leash saying “how adorable”, all I was thinking was how weird! 

We went to the Cheese Cake Factory because last Christmas we were given a gift certificate that we wanted to use.  We had some drinks and some delicious guacamole and chips.  We also shared the vegan Cobb salad and it was pretty good!

The Irvine Spectrum is fully decked out for Christmas with twinkle lights and even ice skating! ( a little early for Christmas for me, but the stores have to sell stuff!)  This is a fun place to walk around and enjoy the night.

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