Things that make you uncomfortable

Things that make you uncomfortable.  There is a lot of stuff that makes me uncomfortable, but luckily I don’t encounter those instances very often.  I will make a list and I am sure most of you would agree that these items listed would make anyone uncomfortable.

Things that make you uncomfortable.

  • Pants that are too tight
  • Eating too much
  • You really have to go to the bathroom and can’t find a toilet or worse you are driving and there is nowhere to stop
  • When people are talking about something that you totally disagree with but out of the fact that you don’t want to fight with them you have to change the subject.
  • When I am really hot
  • When I am really cold
  • When I get a charlie horse in my foot or calf in the middle of the night
  • When I am driving to work and I hit unexpected traffic, it’s hard not to feel stressed
  • Spiders make me uncomfortable, especially when someone goes to kill it and then they miss and you can’t find it!

I guess this list could go on forever, but I feel what makes me uncomfortable is probably what makes everyone uncomfortable. 

The good thing is I don’t feel uncomfortable around a lot of situations that other people feel uncomfortable around like when someone talks about something personal, that sort of thing does not bother me at all.

Here is a picture of me at the beach feeling very comfortable!
Things that make you uncomfortable

Here is when we went to Catalina

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