Day two in New Zealand, Banking and shopping!

Day two in New Zealand, Banking and shopping!

This morning I woke up early from the time change and made my customary oatmeal (it turns out that they eat oatmeal every morning too). My nanny Family are very healthy every morning they make a fruit and vegetable drink in a juicer, I tried a little and it was very good.


Today we went Grocery shopping and I realized that they have pretty much all the same stuff that we do. Some stuff is more expensive like I saw my cheap mascara that is normally 4$ at home is 13$ here, but then on the other hand it is only .80 cents for a pound of apples.


After shopping we came home and had lunch and hung out and then we walked up the street a ways and I opened a checking account which was relatively simple. After that we walked to the library and I saw where the bus stop is and then we headed back to the house.

New Zealand

Looking down the street towards where we live.
Me in my where’s Waldo shirt and a glimpse of what my hair looks like with no blow dryer

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