Emmett 14 Months

I haven’t done an Emmett update in a while and I love to look back and see what he was doing as time goes on.  Emmett is now 14 and a half months old.  He is a busy busy kid, but also content to play on his own.
Favorite Toys
  • Play kitchen 
  • Play guitar
  • Little bag with a zipper (he walks around zipping and unzipping the bag)
  • Books

I like to do the shape game with him, where you put the different shapes into the bucket.  We also do the stack the rings game and the stack the cups game.  I have found its better to play these games together or all the pieces are lost and he doesn’t get that its a game lol.

Favorite Foods
  • Oatmeal with pureed fruit (for breakfast)
  • Toast
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • egg salad sandwich
  • Swedish meatballs
  • spaghetti 
  • apple sauce
  • yogurt

He eats almost everything, but doesn’t seem to like chicken fingers or fish sticks, I am sure that will change with time.  I remember when he was younger and wouldn’t drink his bottle and I would think to myself I can’t wait till he can just eat a sandwich, now that that day is here I am so happy how much easier it is.

Favorite Activities
  • Loves swimming
  • loves water and baths
  • Loves to dance and listen to music
  • Loves running outside
  • Loves going for rides in the laundry basket
  • Loves going in his tricycle
  • loves climbing up the stairs (not going down )
  • Loves watering the garden with Grandma
  • DADA
  • MAMA
  • apple
  • Yeah
  • PAPA
  • all done
  • all gone
  • cookie
  • cracker
  • num num

He says quite a lot, but he understands hundreds of words, and no matter what you ask he says yeah in response hahhaha.

Our typical day at home goes like this; wake up at 630ish have breakfast right away, he plays on his own while I have my breakfast, Nap around 9am to 10 or 11.  Lunch at 11 to 12, playing till around 2.  Napping again around 2 or 3 for about an hour.  Wake up and play more, get super excited about dada coming home and dinner around 5pm.  Sleeping for the night by 8pm sometimes by 7pm.
Also because he is so big/tall people think he is much older than he really is.  I had someone ask if he was 3 hahhha!  He is larger than some 2 year olds and I think that is why people are surprised when he doesn’t talk to them.  He wears 18 to 24 month clothes, but like his dad he is thin so he is still wearing 9 to 12 month pants hahaha.

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