Emmett 7 Months

Hello! I am 7 months old!
What a happy baby.  Really from 5 months on having a baby has gotten so much more enjoyable!  Not that I didn’t love the new born stage, but I am happy that is over and now I have a happy little guy that responds to playing and smiling.  I must say Emmett definitely has his own personality.  He is easily scared ahhahaha, I have to make noise as I come into his room when he is up from a nap if not he jumps when he sees me.  He is eating 3 meals a day plus milk.  He loves cereal in the morning and fruit and veggies in the afternoon.  We go on lots of walks and he still takes 3 naps a day or 2 really long naps.  I leave the schedule up to him the only thing we keep the same every day is he wakes up at 6am and goes to sleep at 8pm.
He is almost crawling!  He will lay on his tummy and push his arms up straight supporting his upper body.  He loves his jumper and his walker.

 This pose cracked me up! He held that pose for a while hahhaha.

Our house has turned into a huge play area, but I don’t care because I know it will only be a short time before everything changes again and he is walking and playing with larger toys.

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