Emmett is 6 Months Old

 I can’t believe I have a 6 month old (heck I can’t believe I have a baby lol)!  He is already half a year old, which means I had him a half a year ago.  For some reason it feels like just yesterday I was still pregnant.  Anyways he is getting so grown up all of a sudden.  He eats real big people food, blended of course, but so far he has had peas, green beans, and banana and cereal every morning.  Soon we will be trying spinach and carrots.  Its a slow process to introduce foods since they have to try one at a time for 3 days straight.
He now has teeth! 2 teeth on the bottom and he loves to use them.  He will grab your finger, stick it in his mouth and chomp down before you even know what is happening.  He is rolling all over the place.  I put him to sleep in one position to come back and find him at the opposite side backwards and turned around.  He is mobile via his walker!  He really loves that thing and can get around pretty quick.  He smiles a lot and loves to go on walks in the mornings.  We have been reading everyday and now that I have joined the library we can branch out and get some new material to look at.
We have already made it through 2 colds! Yes a cold in the summer, how is it possible?  He is a real trouper and we got lucky that they didn’t last long.  He weighs around 17 pounds and I think 27 inches long. Oh yeah and he can sit all on his own!

We made it through the summer and I think we are all ready for the fall.

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