Emmett Turned 4 Years Old

Well five days ago Emmett turned 4 years old.  I remember always saying I can’t believe he is a certain age, but this year it feels like he should be four ha ha.  It feels like I have been a mom for four years!  Maybe having two children makes you feel more like a mom?  not sure, but this year he acts like a 4 year old and it feels like it has been four fun filled years since he was born.

He is such a good boy 90% of the time and the rest of the time is absolute chaos!  He is still adjusting to the fact that he has a brother who can now do what he can do and wants to play with his toys.  He is still learning how to SHARE and be NICE!  People have always said to me kids are taught by us and the world to be mean, but I disagree I think we have to be taught to be nice and share.  It clearly is not a natural tendency.Emmett

  • You like to tell everyone what to do
  • You love to play lego and cars
  • You love to read books
  • You love to give kisses and hugs
  • You like to ride your bike, but not too often
  • You are a picky eater (I know this will change some day)
  • You wake up very early and always have
  • You are very smart and even strangers in the store have told me you are well spoken
  • You are always talking or making noise
  • You love to help out
  • You have lots of friends and family who you love to be around
We celebrated your birthday over and over this year.  We had a cake in New Zealand before we came home, we had a full day of fun and cake on your actual birthday and the weekend after your birthday your cousins came over to say hi and eat more cake!





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