Garage Sale Sort Out!

We better make some money at the Garage sale that we are having on Saturday, because it has taken a lot of effort and time to sort through all the junk that we are trying to get rid of!
This morning I woke up early and did the Shred DVD, it really does not seem to be getting easier, this is my third day doing the video and as I have discussed with Lacey via Face Book the DVD just does not get easier! I thought oh I will do level one like 3 times then I will be so advanced that I will skip right on to level two, but you know what I don’t even want to know what level 2 looks like. My goal is to do level one everyday till it gets a little easier and then try out level 2 and see how it goes if its too hard then go back down hahahahah.
I am proud of myself today because not only did I do the shred DVD but then my mom and I went to the gym and I did about 35 min on the elliptical machine woo hoo.

After the gym this morning we sorted through all the garage sale stuff. Pricing and putting it in the order that we will set it up on Saturday, it took us from about 9am till about 2pm, then we drove with all of it down to my mom’s friends house where it will all take place. We then helped my mom’s friend organize and price some of her stuff! We didn’t get home till about 8pm and didn’t have dinner till about 9pm!

Tomorrows goals:

  • Shred DVD
  • gym?
  • finish 3rd drawing(which I didn’t get any done today)
  • second eye follow up appointment
  • dinner with my friend Kelly and her mom Cathy and my mom Kathy

Sorry there were no pictures today but I will try to remember my camera tomorrow!Oh yeah and one of the blogs I read daily is having a silent auction tomorrow to raise money for the cancer society so if you feel like donating
Check it out! Her daily blog is amazing too!

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