Good bye Weekend…

Saturday my mom came over and we went to my Grandpa’s shop.  We met all the Bonneville team to go to lunch and hang out.  No one is going to Bonneville this year since we don’t have a race car anymore, so it was good to get to see everyone.

 We all went out to lunch to Mexican food.

 Later in the day my mom and I went shopping for some clothes and ended up back at my house for dinner.
Sunday morning I made waffles! They were supper yummy, although I don’t really think its the best way to start your day by loading up on sugar and carbs! I got an instant stomach ache and head ache.

 My mom brought me these really pretty flowers that were left over from a banquet that her and my dad went to.  I told her they look like a wedding center peice.
 Grant doing what he likes best, checking the surf forecast and cameras.
 Grant spent the whole day painting our room.  That green wall is now a dark blue grey.
I can’t wait to do a whole post on the before and after.  The room looks sooo much better, but we are no where near done so it might still be a while.
Hopefully this week we will finish the room, I have a feeling its going to take us a while.

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