Grandma and Grandpa’s House

On Saturday it was a day of firsts.  Emmett had his first bath, I got dressed, and we visited the grandparents house, all for the first time.
Turned out Emmett loved taking a bath.  At first he was a little worried, but quickly started to like the warm water.

 After our first bath we headed up to my parents.
Of course I sat in the back with Emmett to make sure nothing happened lol.
Here I am the first time since giving birth some what dressed for going out.
I was able to wear a non pregnancy shirt!
At my biggest right before giving birth I think I weighed 183! And before I got pregnant I weighed 133. So that is gaining 50 pounds!  Now just one week and a few days I have dropped a lot of the weight without really trying.  I am down to 158, so I have lost 25 pounds.  I feel like towards the end I was gaining a lot of water weight I looked like I could literally explode if someone pricked me.
Now only another 25 to go lol.
 You can see Grant did his hair for the photo.

 All our friends came by to meet Emmett.  He loved it!
Carol and Emmett,  Thank you Carol for all the wonderful clothes you made for him and the hat.

 Betty and Brian came by to meet him.
 Teresa came by to meet him and of course he cried for her!
 Cathy and Kelly came by and visited, thank you both for the wonderful gifts!
 We spent Sunday just relaxing at home and now Monday morning he is doing what he does best, SLEEPING!
Can’t wait to see what this week will bring.

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