Halloween Party

This weekend was our first party at out new place. It was a combined Halloween and birthday party. (I didn’t tell many people it was my birthday). It took us days to get ready for it or rather it took ME days. Thursday I went shopping for all the snack food and drink stuff and I cleaned the house. Friday I had to work and while I should have come home and organized for the party instead I made myself a bunch of tequila drinks and got too drunk to do any thing. Yes I was drinking all by myself (Grant was surfing) and yes I had just as much fun drinking by myself.

The ironic and funny thing was the weather! For the last 5 days it has been sunny and warm and guess what the day of the party we wake up to clouds and RAIN! Thank god by the time people started to arrive it had all cleared up and was sunny. The morning of the party it was all on! When Grant wants to get something done he really can! In the morning we still did not have stairs off the deck and the garage was filled with wood and junk. I really did not think everything would get done in time (4pm). Turns out when he puts the pedal to the medal shit gets done. While I organized the food and inside of the house he was able to make stairs, clean out the whole garage, and clean the whole backyard.

a few hours before the party

I am suppose to be a pirate but look more like a gypsy

Our lovely backyard

Crockett and Jasmine a priest and Mad Cow hahahh

Tom came as me! Isn’t that funny! he made 4 masks of my face! Thanks Tom.

Nick came as a scary pig mask

Jed came as a scary old man mask

Here is everyone dressed as me hahah funny

Grant being me with a mustache

A pirate and a cow boy. This picture is showing me I need to start doing some push ups.

Making drinks

Jed and Swazik as me hahaha she is 5 months pregnant

Alina as a Russian Bride

Me and Swazik

Emma and Mike

The party was a success! Everyone had a great time we all drank, danced and had fun. We have a ton of food left over because we did not BBQ like we thought we would and no one really ate that much food. I guess it is better to be over prepared then under prepared.

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