Introduction Moving to New Zealand

Hello everyone my name is Shannon. I am 24 years old and I have lived all my life so far in Southern California. I graduated one year ago in 2007 from California State University Fullerton with my Bachelor of Fine art

Work History Introduction

Since then I have worked at a few odd jobs; Front desk clerk at a doubletree hotel (which included a lot of standing), at a police equipment place (which involved a lot of data entry), and at the LA County Fair (do I need to explain this one?). All of these jobs did not interest me.

As I was working those jobs, I was also working on my art career. For the past 6 years including this year, I have drawn portraits for the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion. I have a Youtube Channel that shows some of the portraits that I have done and some of my other works of art.


I am starting this blog because I am now leaving the country to start a new job and adventure!

I am going to move to New Zealand for one year to be a nanny! I will also have time to travel, work on art, and meet new people during that year. 

Please join me in my adventure as I plan to write what I encounter (Culture Shock) hopefully daily but more likely weekly.

Travel Posts:

NZ Botanical Gardens

Driving in NZ

Leaving for New Zealand

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How to move to New Zealand !

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