Kitchen Re-do Part one

 This week we got a lot of work done on our place.  We replaced the Garage door, replaced the kitchen faucet, painted the kitchen, painted some built in shelves, replaced the shower heads and started on fixing up the down stairs bathroom.

 Above is the new garage door
Above is the shelves before they were painted.
Below is the new faucet.
 Below is us starting to paint, it was originally brown and we decided a really light gray would be better.
 Below the new color on the walls.
 We also had some fun!
 My cousin and her cute kids in their St Patty’s day clothes!

 During the Painting of the shelves.
 Cute little Hazel!
 Hula hooping with a child on your head is harder than you think.

Family Fun!

Here are the shelves finished.
We have been working non stop since we moved in here and I am hoping by tomorrow after work we will finally be finished with the kitchen.  One wall needs another coat of paint and the front of the shelf needs a touch up but after that we are done!  I can’t wait to put everything in its place and call it a day.

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