Meeting a Friend

Today I spent the morning sorting through my art work and getting them all ready for the art show that I am going to be in this weekend. I finished a watercolor, named all the art, took pictures of all the art and I still have to price all the art. Tonight we still have to make the support system that will hold them all.

Around 3pm I left to meet Anna for an early dinner for me and I am pretty sure a very late lunch for them. Anna and Luke are headed up north to hang out with his family for the weekend. It was great to catch up even if it was only for a short time.

Me and Anna (I made her take one pic with me!)

My cousin Lacey sent me these labels to put on my jars! I love them, thank you. They are so pretty I feel like leaving them out for everyone to see. I have a few more labels but no more jars hahaha.

Below are all the art works that are going to be at the art show in Kumeu this weekend.
I don’t know what to price everything. Any suggestions?

Underwater Garden -Acrylic

Tiki’s -Watercolor

Tawharanui -acrylic

Shells- Acrylic

Buzzy Bee -Watercolor

Daffodils- watercolor

Doubtless Bay -Acrylic

Flax -Acrylic

Looking Up -Watercolor

Mercer Bay -Acrylic
Time to start pricing and making tags!

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