More Maui

 The first few days we were in Maui we swam, surfed, and explored!
We drove to a near by beach to check it out before renting snorkel equipment and snorkeling for the day.

 One morning Grant rented a surf board and we drove into town for him to catch some waves.

 It was a little boring for us because it was so early in the morning nothing was open and there was not a nice beach to sit on but we still endured it for him.

 Here we are ready to go out to dinner at the Hula Grill.

 One of the days my mom, me and Grant took off to drive to the top of Haleakala.  Its a huge volcano that you can walk on.  The elevation makes the air so thin you feel like you will pass out and its freezing.

 Fly Away!
 It was cold and windy up there.

Pretending to fly, I think the rocks and back pack give it away, but we were really high up, above the clouds!

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