My Birthday!

This weekend we are having a Halloween party at our house. This will be our first big party so I am a little nervous my plan is to decorate a little and move all the furniture around so there is plenty of space to walk and move. In preparation of the party last weekend I made some home made decorations hahahha they are pretty lame.

We also went shopping and got some lanterns and lights so people are not falling in the dark in out back yard.

Here we are testing where to put the lanterns. Not here hahhaa.

This particular day it was really beautiful and sunny and warm so we borrowed the neighbors row boat and went up the creek that is in our back yard. It was really fun. We do need a little practice rowing (Grant) I only got smashed into few trees and bushes a few times.

Our garden is starting to grow. Above is some cilantro. If only it weren’t for that damn cat that keeps digging everything up!

Monday was a holiday and Grant took off to get me a present so I took off to Mission Bay cause they had a huge festival. There was so much traffic that I decided to park and walk along the beach. I kinda miss calculated how far I parked and it ended up being about a 2 or so mile walk just to get there. Not the best idea considering I was wearing flip flops and I had no sun block.
My feet were thinking, What the Hell? Anyways I made it there and back with only sore feet and a small sun burn.

Yesterday was my birthday in NZ and today is my birthday in the USA so my plan is to celebrate on both days hahaha. I worked yesterday and the family I work for got me a really nice book on NZ artists and a cake which we all had some of at the end of the day.
When I got home Grant was already home and said he was taking a shower so I was in the kitchen when I heard some one knock on the door. I went out and this is what I saw.

Grant had set it up while I was in the kitchen then ran through the back and garage to knock then ran back to get in the shower hahha what a crafty guy.

He got me these wonderful flowers and some yummy smelling perfume. I was in shock. I kept asking who gave him the idea for perfume and he came up with it all on his own. Its the perfect gift #1 cause I don’t have any #2 cause I can use it every day, so its not a waste of money and #3 it is something that I would never buy myself.

The smell is a mix of flowers and fruit I love it!
After gifts we went to town for dinner at the Mexican Cafe! Yes please I want a margarita!

My shirt matches the Lemon!

After dinner we came home and had a tiny piece of cake each and went straight to bed. It is really hard to work all day and go out at night.

This is a rare pic where we don’t both have red eyes!
Today my Real birthday I plan to get ready for our party by doing lots of shopping and decorating! whoop whoop!

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