My First Week as a MRS.

The next day after we got married we took off for a 2 day honeymoon to Oceanside.
We had the best time just relaxing and sitting on the deck drinking beers and eating.

We enjoyed many meals out and long walks down the Pier.

Our last night there we had a beautiful sunset.
After a quick trip home to unpack and repack we took off to Vegas to meet Grant’s brother.
Adam flew in from San Francisco so he could have his first weekend in Vegas. 
We had such a fun trip.
Our first night we went straight to Dick’s Last Resort, we had so much fun there a few years ago that we decided we wanted to see it again. 

We ended our first night out early and spent the next day wandering around the streets and going to the pool.
October is really too cool outside to get in the pool and lay out so we ended up getting ready early and going out to dinner.

After a long time of waiting at the door of some stupid NEW club with 50 other people with a door man that would not even let us know how long it would take to get in, we decided to head back to Dick’s Last Resort where everyone knows how to have fun and there is no wait!
To tell you all the truth, I am over Vegas!  I have had way too many trips there that have gone really wrong.  You end up spending all your time waiting to get into clubs that end up being super lame once you are in them, or you end up walking up and down the strip looking for something to do while your feet start to bleed from your uncomfortable shoes.  Is it just me?  I really feel like I would rather spend my money on a more fun intelligent vacation where the whole goal is not to look hot and get drunk.  Maybe this means I am getting old, and if so I think that is a good thing!
I have a feeling that was my last Vegas trip.

On our long drive home we stopped at Peggy Sue’s diner for some burgers, fries, and chocolate shakes.
Upon our arrival home we were greeted with a fruit arrangement from my good friend Anna who lives in New Zealand.  What a great wedding present, and so healthy too!
Thank you Anna we loved it!
Now its back to real life = Looking for a job!

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