We had one really fun night out on the town.
The funny story about this night was when I was trying to get ready!  It was 100% humidity (and I am not joking) and I took a hot shower!  Why did I do this?  I got out of the shower and I could not stop sweating.  It took me forever to get ready because its impossible to put makeup on when your face is wet with sweat.  This actually made us late to the party we were going to.
We had the best time out!


 After the first party we met some of our friend’s in a down town bar.



The kids loved playing outside in the dirt!  The rain never slowed them down.





Saying one last goodbye to Nana and Col.










Teresa and Grandad
A fun day at the park with friends.




 We had a tour of the fire station by Grant’s friend from school.  We actually got to ride in the fire truck!  Emmett had all his dreams come true that day.
Before we left Teresa make us a delicious cake for Emmett’s 4th birthday.


Here we are saying one last goodbye in the airport.  We made it to the gate just in time!


 Traveling is not easy, but totally worth the effort!


Finally home!

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