New Zealand Trip 2018 Part One

On February 4th we got on an airplane to Auckland New Zealand.  We arrived on the 6th!  So right there we lost a day?  I guess we got the day back when we came home.
This was our first trip back to New Zealand since we moved to California and got married back in 2011.  This was also the first time we ever took both children on a long international trip, and this was the first time they got to meet their uncle Adam and see New Zealand.
Before we left I had this vision of what the trip would be like and how I would feel going back and I was reminded once again that I should never do that.  What we envision and our expectations normally never match up with reality.  I thought we would be spending all our days at the beach swimming in the warm water, getting tan, and relaxing as well as sight seeing and visiting with family and friends.  We were only there for two weeks and we had a one year old and a four year old with us, so you can imagine that is not how the trip went.  To do everything I had in my mind would take about 3 to 6 months, not two weeks.
It is summer in NZ, but that means there can be lots of warm tropical weather and there was!  It rained most of the days we were there.  Almost everyone I talked to said this exact statement “we have had the best dry warm sunny summer till right before you got here” ha ha.  I actually didn’t mind the rain because living in southern CA it never rains and we still did what I thought was most important and that was visiting with family and friends and having a few action packed days that were sprinkled between days where we relaxed with family.
After living in NZ for 3 straight years I felt like it was my home until we moved and made CA our home.  So I thought when going back that I would arrive and feel like I was home again or at least very familiar, but it was the opposite.  I think Grant and I have been away long enough that we both felt like we were on vacation in a different country, not our home country.  So much has changed since being away and I don’t think either one of us thought that we would feel that way.  Of course by the end of the trip everything felt much more familiar again, but definitely when we arrived back to California we both felt like we were home from a vacation.  That can only mean one thing and that is, we need to go more often!
 At the Airport!


Ready for take off
Out our bedroom window.
 Family dinner
 Kids bedroom



 The backyard in a sunny moment
Looking for surf
 At the park with Grandad
 Visiting with Nana



 Hanging out with Sybilla and the Family


Meeting Nana Jo and Col for Coffee
Grant and his best friends!
 Meeting friends for coffee (thank goodness there was a kid area)
Out to lunch with all the family


 My friend Alina and her little girl Sasha

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