Nine Months Old

Emmett is 9 months old!  Wow time is going fast.  Emmett is not even a baby anymore he is now a little boy!  He is walking of course with assistance, he is always trying to get down and as soon as he is down he is trying to get up.  Over all he is a really really happy boy who is always laughing.  He now has 4 teeth and more on the way.  He has his top 2 and bottom 2.  He is eating 3 full meals a day.  He loves yogurt and fruit puree.  He is now wearing 12 month old clothes and he loves to talk.  His 2 main things he says is bob and ite.  He has also learned how to scream and its not a cry its a full out scream.  The newest thing is stranger danger if he doesn’t see you all the time he is scared of you lol.  The kind of scared where he will hide and cry and scream if you talk to him.

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