Salt Dough Ornament

The day before Christmas Eve we were stuck in the house doing nothing so I decided it would be a good time to make some fun ornaments with Emmett.  I looked up how to make your own dough.  There are tons of recipes for salt dough that you cook and it hardens and can be painted.  It was really easy to make, my only problem was I didn’t have a lot of salt!  Turned out there was just enough to make one hand print hahaha.  As usual the project was a little lost on Emmett.  He didn’t understand why I wanted him to shove his hand in the dough.  This project turned out ok… the dough (after being cooked for 2 hours) didn’t get fully hard, but I still painted it and said it will either last or it won’t lol.
Since the paints were out I also did a paint hand print on thick paper as an ornament and it was much easier and quicker.  Next time I might just do that.

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