The Closet

 Ever since we moved in here I have wanted to re do this closet.  Before we moved in we had a great idea to turn this whole side of the room into a closet, but turned out we just didn’t need a closet that big and I like the room being large.  As you can see in these photos my closet had no doors, and that is because they were so large and horrible they were the first thing to go.  They were sliding doors and there were 3 of them, but you could only open one at a time, soo you could never see what was in the other side of the closet!  That makes no sense, who thought that up? ANYWAYS… The closet was also falling apart the shelf was falling down and the bar was dipping in the middle.

 Bad Bad Bad!

 Here is Grant painting the new doors.
Here is the final project below!

The other really good thing about having a new closet is I was able to go through again and get rid of even more junk that I never wear.  I also finally got rid of some clothes I love but were really worn out!  You can find all those items at the goodwill if you want

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