Totally Tuesday!

Totally Tuesday

I have decided that Tuesday is the worst day of the week and below are my reasons.
  • It is the second day of the week so its not like you are starting new
  • There are still 3 days left till the weekend


  • For some reason, everything seems to drag along on Tuesdays
One good thing on a Tuesday is sometimes we go out for dinner at 2 meals for the price of one place
I hope that we go tonight.
While I set up the camera and ran to pose before the timer went off I slipped in the wet leaves,
the second time I ran to take the next picture I slipped on the wet moss-covered step.
This means one thing, Winter is on its way to NZ!



Shirt = Kohl’s
Skirt = H&M
Belt = new gift from my mom
Jean Jacket = Thrift store
Shoes = Cheap from Warehouse (NZ store)


Yesterday and today I realized I have got to start watching the weather.
Yesterday it was hot and I wore pants, boots, and a sweater, today it was really cold and look I am wearing a skirt and t-shirt!  When will I get it right?
I have started reading The Help.
So far I am finding it pretty interesting and not my normal “type” of book.
Hope everyone has had a good Tuesday in NZ and Monday in the USA!
I was featured on a blog!
Check them out =)


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