This week we spent a night up at my mom’s house for the bunco party.  We had an excellent time, and the next day I decided to stay for the day and work on some art and hang out.  My dad was fishing so it was just a girls day.  Emmett is officially walking in his walker, he loves it and he really gets around.  I was working on my painting when I look around to see him, all I saw was the edge of the walker poking out from under the table.  Thank goodness he didn’t pull everything down lol!  That would have been a real mess.  I looked under the table and there he was smiling hahaha.  He had a look on his face of, how did I get under here? hahaha.
 He then kept going till he was under the next table lol.  It was a fun game for him.
Toot toot here I come…
Yes my mom has a lot of tables in her house, but she had 2 more because of the bunco party lol.

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