Week 2

Who knew being a mom to a new born could literally take up all your time.  How could anyone work or get anything done?  I know with time I will find a way to manage my time better so I can get more accomplished.
This week Emmett went to his first restaurant, Ferrel’s, and Lacey and I attempted to take some cute pictures of him.  We tried a million different things and we just happened to get a few good ones!

 first time out in a restaurant, slept the whole time thank goodness!
 Grant loves to get cuddles when he gets home.
 We got a few smiles this week.
below is how a lot of our photos turned out haha
 but then we got some good ones too!
This morning we had the hearing test and he passed, so one less worry.
I stayed home all day after the Dr.’s and Grant surfed and worked an extra job!
I now feel like I might go crazy so I am looking forward to getting out and about tomorrow.

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