What Are Fun Dates?

One word, bowling!  We never go on dates because we are married and have 2 kids and I always feel like it’s a waste of money.  Turns out there is a lot to be said about going on a date, especially if you are married.

Grant and I were lucky enough to have a free babysitter (Grandma) so we decided to go out and have some fun.  The first thought that came to mind was, “what are we going to do that will be fun?”  Whenever we go out to eat we are done in an hour and back home by 8pm!  So we decided to check out bowling.  

Bowling was the perfect activity for a date!  We were able to relax and laugh, especially when the ball would head straight to the gutter LOL.  Sometimes when you don’t have couple time away from your kids you can start to feel like you never have fun.  One night out was all we needed to remind ourselves that we can still laugh and have fun together and not be serious parents all the time.

We ended the night by getting some ice cream and cookies from Target.  We found ourselves laughing at the fact that we picked the wrong line (like we always do) behind some lady that was probably drunk or on drugs.  Just one night away and we could see the funny side of things.

What Are Fun Dates?

My new goal is to have at least one date night a month so we can let loose and have some fun couple time together.

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