What I Wore Wednesday

Here is what I wore Wednesday.  The first outfit is for work and the second outfit is from the weekend.  I have to dress up for work, but on the weekends I like to dress more casually.
The best way to put together outfits quickly is with a capsule wardrobe.  I have been using a wardrobe of about 30 items.


Discovering the capsule wardrobe has changed everything.  I use to think a capsule wardrobe had look a certain way and have certain items in it.  Over time I realized a capsule wardrobe can be anything you want it to be.

Essentially a capsule wardrobe is just a limited amount of clothes that work well together.

What I Wore Wednesday for Capsule Wardrobe


Oh how I wish I could wear this to work.
Although it’s freezing where I work so I guess it does not matter too much that we have to dress up a little more.


 Happy Wednesday! Only 2 more days of work after today!

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