Emmett Turned 5 – Parent of a 5 Year Old

Today I am sharing how Emmett Turned 5 – Parent of a 5-Year-old.

I never thought I would have a child that is 5 years old!  When I first got pregnant all I could think about was having a baby.  Google, how to take care of a baby?

Turns out you learn as you go.  Back to my original thought,  I honestly never thought past the baby stage.  Correct me if I am wrong, but most people think about the baby stage.  Where did this 5-year old come from?

(photo by Teresa Long)

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Time is weird.  A lot of people say, wow time flies by or you are growing so fast.  As a stay at home mom, each day feels like a FULL day!  24 hours feels like that many hours haha.

I think back to when Emmett was first born and it feels like it was yesterday while simultaneously feeling like it was 20 years ago.  We really lucked out with Emmett!  He is such a sweet boy.

I remember the doctor telling me at his one-year check-up that “determined kids”, is what she called it, are usually successful grown-ups.

Missing Baby

I always thought I would miss the baby stage.  That I would want them to be babies again, but something weird happens as they are growing.  As they grow out of a stage I seem to grow too!

I have realized with each stage they grow out of I am also done with that stage for that child.  It is a reassuring feeling.  I don’t need them to be a baby anymore because I am now enjoying the new stage they are currently in.

Now Emmett and I can sit and color together.  We can talk and make up funny stories.  There is an ongoing story about cake pants and raisin fingers, don’t ask…

I guess the point I am trying to make is I find myself growing with my children.  Everything they learn I am also learning.  It is an interesting journey that I wouldn’t change for anything.

Birthday Party

So what did we do for the party?  Most 5-year-olds have a huge blow out birthday.  I thought about going to Disneyland but decided it wasn’t the right time for us.  Because it is winter and everyone was under the weather I wanted a more laidback party.

I opted for an experience birthday party and gift.  We started the day with a pizza lunch followed by some frozen dessert.  Then we all went to a local children’s museum to play and run around.

We are trying not to buy any more toys this year so I decided to get him a really nice coloring book.  Plus he gets plenty of fun gifts from family to fill the toy void.  That night we had a homemade cake ( that completely fell apart) and Nana’s gift came in for the win.  A 3 in one lego set!  I have never seen a more excited child in my life.


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