Hello and welcome!  My name is Shannon, I’m so happy you’re here.

Join me and my family as we strive to live a simple life: home organization, minimalism, simple living, and fun projects.

I am a mom to three boys and a wife to an amazing guy named Grant. 

Simple Living Shannon Torrens

We are on a journey to become minimal with stuff, so we can enjoy more experiences.  I love to live simply!  My YouTube channel documents our journey to being more intentional and minimal.

I am currently decluttering my home and life, which you can see in live-action on the YouTube channel, and trying to travel and enjoy life at the same time.  With three children, it isn’t as calm as it might look online.

I was born and raised in California which is where I am currently living.

Organizing while also making our home cozy and functional is what I love sharing.  My home is decorated with a very simple clean style which can be seen in many blog posts. 












I graduated from college with my bachelor of fine arts degree in 2006.  This blog started in 2008 when I decided to make a BIG change in my life. 

I moved from California, where I was born & raised, to New Zealand.  I arrived in NZ as a young single person ready for an adventure. 

Within the first month of being in NZ, I met my love, Grant!  In 2011 we moved back to CA and got married.


About The Blog

In addition to continually developing unique content, my blog also gathers some of the best crafts, recipes, and frugal tips from blogs across the internet. The idea is to organize these sources and help you get inspired to try new things.

A lot of time and energy goes into researching different interesting topics. My posts include some brief information about each source and a link to it. This helps other creators to get their message spread even further.

Most of the sourced material on shannontorrens.com is posted according to the fair use doctrine of copyright law for non-commercial reporting, education, and discussion purposes. I will always credit ideas when they can be found. Any lack of credit is entirely unintended and will be immediately fixed upon notice.  If you don’t want free traffic, I will comply with all takedown requests. Please send takedown requests to manager@shannontorrens.com  Thank you!

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Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to chatting in the comments!

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