Hello and welcome!  My name is Shannon, I’m so happy you’re here.

Join me and my family as we strive to live a simple life: home organization, minimalism, simple living, and fun projects.

I am a mom to two boys and a wife to an amazing guy named Grant. 

Simple Living Shannon Torrens

We are on a journey to become minimal with stuff, so we can enjoy more experiences.  I love to live simply!  We have a vlog YouTube channel where I share those experiences and I have a minimalist YouTube channel documenting our journey to being more intentional and minimal.

I am currently decluttering my home and life, which you can see in live action on the youtube channel, and trying to travel and enjoy life at the same time.  With two small children it isn’t as calm as it might look online.

I was born and raised in California which is where I am currently living with my husband and 2 boys.

I love organizing while also making our home as cozy and functional as possible.  I love to decorate with a very simple clean style. 

I am an artist.  I love to paint and draw and most recently I love to make videos.  Editing videos is a great way to be artistic without all the mess.














Read the introduction post from my first post on this blog!

I graduated from CSUF with my bachelor of fine arts degree in 2006.  This blog started in 2008 when I decided to make a slight change in my life.  I moved from California, where I was born & raised, to New Zealand.  I arrived in NZ as a young single person ready for an adventure.  Within the first month of being in NZ I met my love, Grant!  In 2011 we moved back to CA and got married.

In January 2013 we bought our own home and started some renovations.
In May 2013 we found out we are expecting our first baby…a BOY!

February 2014 a little guy named Emmett was born.  He came into our lives screaming and pooping and changed everything forever.

We love him so much there aren’t words to describe it!  He brings constant joy to our lives, and lots of cuddles.

In 2016 we welcomed Calvin into our lives and everything changed again!














Thank you for stopping by see you in the comments!
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