minimalist myths

5 Minimalist Myths

  5 Minimalist Myths Along my minimalist journey, I have found 5 minimalist myths that people seem to believe.  I am sure there are a ton of misbeliefs when it comes to minimalism, but here are 5 that really stood out to me.   Perfect “Minimalist” Home Myth When researching minimalism you might find a …

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how to deal with paper clutter

How To Deal With Paper Clutter

Today I am sharing how to deal with paper clutter as a minimalist family.  Before we started decluttering I kept our papers filed in a huge two-drawer metal file cabinet.  This was full!  I felt decluttering paper was too overwhelming so I always put it off.  Once the decluttering was finished I wondered why I …

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minimalism at Christmas Time

Minimalism at Christmas Time

Minimalism at Christmas time sounds weird to someone who is new to this way of life. I am viewing Christmas and gifts completely differently than I used to.  The holiday season is so much more than stress and gift-giving.  Here are a few things that have changed during the holiday season since becoming minimalist. How …

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stop doing list

Stop Doing List

Lately, I have been thinking more and more about what I want to stop doing.  This is not about being lazy!  I am finding the more I do the less actually gets done. In the last few years, I have decluttered my whole life.  Getting rid of all the unnecessary things from my home.  This …

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decluttering a room in 30 minutes

Declutter A Room In 30 Minutes

Here is the best advice on how to declutter a room in 30 minutes!  It can be done and I am going to give you some actionable steps to take right now. I have decluttered my entire home and helped many others declutter their homes. A lot of decluttering can be accomplished in 30 minutes!  …

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Minimalist youtube channels

Minimalist YouTube Channels

Minimalist YouTube channels are a great way to become inspired and see minimalism in action!   When simplifying my life, decluttering, and becoming more minimalist I needed inspiration.  Looking for tips and tricks on how other people had become minimal.  During all my investigating I have found some amazing minimalist YouTube channels. With minimalism, there …

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