12 simple fall decor ideas

12 Simple Fall Decor Ideas

12 Simple Fall decor ideas to get your home looking amazing! Fall is such a cozy time of the year for home decor.  Adding a few things here and there can completely transform your home from Summer to Fall. Here are a few ways to decorate your home for the Fall season.   1 – …

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how to have a minimalist Christmas

How to Have a Minimalist Christmas

The minimalist life, though carefree and awesome, can sometimes come with challenges. Like when it comes time to decorate and celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year-Christmas. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to have a minimalist Christmas.   Being a minimalist doesn’t mean we hang one red bow, put …

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9 minimalist hacks

Easy Minimalist Hacks to Try Now

We have been becoming minimalist for 5 years now.  From our journey, I have some easy minimalist hacks to share with you. Don’t worry I am not going to tell you to declutter.  Implement these simple changes today! Easy Minimalist Hacks to Try Now!   Write a List Instead of heading straight to the store …

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5 quick decluttering projects

5 Quick Decluttering Projects

Decluttering does not need to take a lot of time.  Here are 5 quick decluttering projects that are easy to fit into your spare time. Most of these decluttering projects should take less than 10 minutes. It should be easy to find 10 minutes somewhere in your day.  If it turns out the decluttering takes …

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vacation planners

5 Benefits of Vacation Planners

There are many things in life you can easily do without pre-planning but going on a vacation is definitely not one of them. If you are thinking about a holiday in the near future then you should be looking into vacation planners as well.    In today’s article, I’m going to discuss the reasons why …

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how to declutter clothing

How To Declutter Clothes

I finally figured out an easy way to declutter my clothes!  How to declutter clothes the easy way. Have you ever tried to declutter your closet, but gave up because it was just TOO much. Here are some simple steps to avoid overwhelm when decluttering.   1 – Visualize Your Decluttered Closet Start by visualizing …

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