shared boys room

Shared Boys Room Organization

Today I am showing our shared boys room organization tips.  This is how we stay organized with everything that needs to be stored in this room. We keep all of their toys, clothes, and games in this room.  Because it is organized we can easily fit everything they need.   Shared Boys Room Organization Video: …

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stop wasting time

20 Things That Waste Your Time

Are you wondering where all your time is going?  Here are 20 things that waste your time. Whenever I am trying to get more done and feel productive I look to where my time is being wasted.  A lot of the time we do these things without even thinking about it.  They are just procrastinating …

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garage organization and declutter

How to Organize a Messy Garage

Today I am sharing how to organize a messy garage.  Organizing doesn’t have to be hard! The best way to organize a messy garage is to group similar items together.  Go through the items and declutter everything you don’t need.  Find a storage solution, I like open shelves and clear bins.  Next put similar items …

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